Uh-Oh: Rev. Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Connected To Sex Scandal?

Uh-Oh: Rev. Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Connected To Sex Scandal?

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Music mogul Reverend Run’s son, JoJo Simmmons, is catching some hot press heading into the weekend after being accused of asking an aspiring actress for sexual favors. According to reports, JoJo’s identity was jacked and used for illicit demands on actress Kerry Schwartz.

JoJo Simmons is being outed by a woman who claims the reality star pulled a fast one on her. Aspiring TV personality Kerry Schwartz took to her Facebook page on Friday to expose Rev. Run’s son. Schwartz claims the two were set to work together on something until nasty enough happened for the gal to call Simmons an “unprofessional piece of crap.” Kerry claims JoJo reached out to her personal page asking her to be a part of his team, but under one condition: She must perform sexual favors in exchange for work. You can view the entire post below. However, RumorFix reached out to a rep for JoJo who tells us, the “JoJo” that reached out to Kerry is only a fake. The rep reveals, It’s not him. It’s a fake Facebook page pretending to be him. RumorFix has learned that when Kerry found out she had been duped, she took down the post. (RumorFix)

A screenshot from Schwartz’s Facebook page shows JoJo getting slammed with nasty accusations.

“My apologies to the rest of the famous ‘Simmons’ family…but Rev Run..your son JoJo, is the most unprofessional piece of crap I have ever dealt with. JoJo Simmons reached out to ME on my page, then went on to tell me how talented I am over the past two weeks. Today he told me and his team were researching my work and that they’ve all agreed to sign me on to their team! They’d like to invest money into me and start working w me asap. GREAT news right?? UNTIL he went on to say, before we do this, I need you to prove you are trustworthy, loyal and be a ‘freak.’ Freak??? I asked him to elaborate what he meant by freak.” (Kerry Schwartz’s Facebook)

She went on to further claim the hip-hop artist specifically wanted sexual favors in return for his assistance.

“Basically, because his family is famous, that made him feel he could ask me for sexual favors in return of a contract. JoJo Simmons, you immature, egotistical, disgusting human being…YOU WILL NOT, or EVER be lucky enough to have me in any way shape or form. I am not a stupid, desperate h*e that sleeps around to get somewhere in this business. At first this made me really upset ..But it’s situations like this, that make me soooo much stronger, make me want to succeed even more and then spit in their face when I make it to the top. You got the WRONG GIRL, PIG. I’m sure your father would never condone this kind of behavior.” (Kerry Schwartz’s Facebook)

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