***EXCLUSIVE*** Interview with GODN Ent./Rap-A-Lot artist Dirty Carleone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Interview with GODN Ent./Rap-A-Lot artist Dirty Carleone

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Where were you born and raised and can you describe your childhood?

I was born and raised in Mobile Alabama in the Happy Hill projects. I had both my parents throughout my whole childhood, my father is from California, the Bay area, and my moms is from Mobile Alabama, Happy Hill housing projects. My parents met a year before my father graduated high school and that year conceived me, in turn my father didn’t go to college and pursue his football career as he previously expected. I moved around a lot as a kid, I lived in Florida and California but spent most of my life in Mobile Alabama in poverty driven areas such as Happy Hill, Orange Grove projects and Alabama Village.
I became a part of the GD Nation at 8 years old, brought into the organization by older family members like my older cousin, Rest In Peace, who was murdered when I was 12 years old. He taught me the streets, he put my first gun in my hand, he put the first piece of dope in my hand. I started selling dope at 8 years old. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, I just knew that I had this in my hand, I sold it for this price and I had money in my pocket. At the same time my parents were trying to teach me right and keep me out of the streets but at the end of the day I chose the street shit over the right way.

When did you decide to start writing raps and what influenced you to do so?

I started writing raps when I was 8 years old. That summer my cousin Lil Reese came from California and spent the summer with me and he started rapping and I loved the way he was putting his stuff together, putting his bars together. I said, if he can do it I can do it too because I have something to say, and it influenced me to start writing. The life I lived influenced what I wrote about, what I saw and what happened round me daily. The first time I saw someone get killed I was 9 years old, guy got his head blown off by a double barrell shotgun ten feet away from me, that kind of fucked me up but at the same time I took it as a learning experience. You do fucked up shit in these streets and fucked up shit happens to you.

Where did the name “Dirty Carleone” come from?

I got the name Dirty when I was 15 years old just because of the way I did people. I always did people dirty, I was a bully, I picked fights with people all the time. Also it carried over to the football field, I played High School football, I played semi-pro football and I also played while I was in the Marines. A lot of people don’t know that I served my country but I felt like I wanted something different for my life so I enlisted in the Marines.
I adopted the name “Carleone” in reference to The Godfather movies. People always called me a boss by the way I handled myself and handled situations so with “Carleone” being THE boss it just fit. So now you have Dirty Carleone.


When did you get in to film and photography and what inspired you to get into it?

I really haven’t been doing filming too long but when I had got out of the Marines I had a two, three hundred dollar camera and when I went home i was with my family and I said, let’s shoot a movie. We freestyled a 15 minute short film and it came out really good. Ever since then I wanted to be in the filming industry.
In 2010 I wrote my first feature film and it was based on the true story of my life. It follows the transition I made moving from Mobile Alabama to Louisville Kentucky, of course some things were fabricated to protect the guilty and to protect the innocent. That movie was a success, we had a theater release and it was a big event. Ever since, i’ve been at it.

“Carleone Films” has shot and edited numerous music videos but would you consider movie work something you’re more interested in?

Yes. Making music videos is fun and it keeps me sharp. Making music videos is like making mini movies in most cases so I consider it practice for making feature films.


You recently signed with Rap-A-Lot Records, how did that deal come about?

I was offered a deal with GODN Entertainment about 8 months ago and since then I have been on the road doing shows, grinding and building my brand. Recently the CEO of GODN Entertainment had a meeting with J-Prince and I was one of the artists that was able to get that situation with GODN Entertainment/Rap-A-Lot Records.
We coming through hard, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

I recently spoke with Mr. Serv On (aka Serv 4000) and he feels like too many of the new generation rappers are “lazy”, and you speak on the same grind he did when he was coming up, from your standpoint, how important do you feel like going on the road and having face to face interaction with fans is in this industry full of internet hustlers, and do you agree with what Serv On said?

I agree with Mr. Serv On, the internet has made 90% of artists lazy. At the same time though it has it’s advantages and you just have to know how and when to adapt. Social media is only one part of it. Fans want to be able to reach out and touch the artists and chop it up, watch them perform and watch them do what they do. You have to put CDs and posters in peoples hands, you can’t do that on the internet. You can do a lot on the internet but there is nothing like that face to face.

What should the world expect from Dirty Carleone in 2014 and beyond?

I’m currently in the studio working on a mixtape collab with my brother, my label mate, OT Da Boss which should be done in the next month. I’m also putting together a compilation album with my artists on my label Strapp’d Ent. I’m in the writing stages of my next feature film so be on the look out for that. I will be going on tour in May 2014 with GODN Ent/Rap-A-Lot which will be our first tour. I’m not putting myself in a box, if God gives me the physical ability to do it then i’m going to do it.


Is there anything else you would like to add in or any shout outs you want to throw out there to the world?

First I want to give thanks to God for giving me the ability and the patience to do what I do. I make a lot of sacrifices, i’m away from my kids a lot. I’m a father of 9 and i’ve made a lot of sacrifices for them, i’m involved in all of my kids lives and they love me to death, I want to shout out all of my kids. I want to shout out my ol lady for supporting me and being by my side, dealing with all my bullshit and being gone on the road all the time. Shout out my manager DeChelle Tisdale, she’s been a great person in my life this past year and a half and believes in everything I do. Shout out my label and my artists on my label that’s out here grinding watching me and replicating what i’m doing and better, I want nothing but the best for everyone under my umbrella. I also want to show love and shout out GODN Ent/Rap-A-Lot. I want to show love to all of my fans and supporters because without yall Dirty Carleone is nobody. I want to thank you (Jeff Gill) and 102TheBeatFM for reaching out and doing this interview, it means a lot to me. Shout out to all the DJs spinning my records and showing me love. Shout out all my GDs, we in here 600. To everyone out there working to be somebody, don’t let anyone ever tell you what you can and can’t do. Adapt and overcome in any situation and be humble.
Interview and Article conducted and composed by Jeff Gill for www.102TheBeatFM.com
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