Birdman Gets Plaque For Selling A Billion

Birdman’s being doing a lot of stunting lately.

Earlier this week, he used Instagram to show off his jewelry collection, which he claimed was worth $50 million.

Yesterday, he tossed another big number out on IG: one billion sold for his label Cash Money.

ig boy shit right here, big. A billion units,” Baby brags. “I mean to say this to all you dick-sucking fuck niggas. Like for real, for real. I don’t give a fuck about selling another record, bitch. I accomplished what I never thought I could accomplish. This shit bigger than McDonald’s.”

It’s unclear who gave Birdman the plaque, or what kind of accounting was done to get to a billion units.

But there’s no doubt Cash Money has moved a ton of music over the years.

There’s also no doubt Baby is feeling pressure to flaunt his credentials in light of attacks from Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.